Google Lens will be able to recognize objects, Samsung Bixby has to stand well!

Techno 18 May, 2017

Google Lens, what is it? The Bixby of the Galaxy S8 in better! Capable of recognizing objects, this feature will make Google Assistant even more powerful.
Earlier in the day, MeltyStyle told you that Google Home was going to land in France this summer . It will be compatible with Chromecast and Android TV, as well as the free versions of Deezer, Soundcloud and Spotify. Great news! But the French availability of the connected speaker is not the only announcement that the American giant made during the Google I / O 2017 conference … He also introduced Google Lens, a new app capable of recognizing objects. Does it remind you of the Bixby of the Galaxy S8? This is normal … But Google is certain to do even better than its South Korean rival.
One after introducing Google Assistant, the firm of Mountain View decided to add a feature to it … It is called Google Lens, and will allow him to recognize the objects. Thanks to her, the intelligent voice assistant will help you in a lot of situations … Sundar Pichai was happy to list them, and it’s quite impressive. Using Google Lens, Google Assistant will be able to connect your smartphone to the WiFi network simply by capturing the modem’s label . He can recognize a bar or a restaurant by seeing his storefront, or get information about a concert / release by filming an advertisement. Admit it would be stylish! Given that we were disappointed by the Bixby of the Galaxy S8 , we are eager to test Google Lens.