Google Maps started to support the Ukrainian language

Techno 29 March, 2018

2018-03-29 13:59

Google Maps started to support the Ukrainian language
Google Maps since March 27, began to support 29 new languages, including Russian. Added languages are used by 1.25 billion people worldwide.

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Google has updated its map service Maps, adding support for 39 languages, among which there are Russian. About this powderless the official blog of the company, informs news Ukr.Media.

“14 years ago Google Maps was different and only in English. Now more than a billion people use Google maps, so we made them more useful,” said Google program Manager, Atsuko Yamagami.

The language now supports Google Maps are 1.25 billion people in the world.

New localization Maps will appear on all platforms: iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. You can change the language in the settings application or the web version. It should be noted that changes in the localization of the recording.

Google Maps had previously supported the Ukrainian, but the update promises a full localization service.