Google Pixel 2: A concept unveiled entirely inspired by the LG G6!

Techno 4 July, 2017

The designers have a lot of imagination! Aficionados are eagerly awaiting the Google Pixel 2, nothing more normal than see flourish on the web of the smartphone videos.

The Google Pixel 2 is a bit of the phones that everyone expects. It must be said that the Google Pixel displayed good technical characteristics but caught up with pesky bugs. His successor will have to correct these errors and inspires many concepts that flourish on the canvas. The latest is displayed as a YouTube video featuring a Google Pixel 2 inspired by the LG G6 which, despite its good reviews, was a commercial failure. The concept also draws its specifications from the various rumors that have emerged on the web for several weeks.

Obviously, what immediately springs to mind is the gigantic screen of the video concept. A feature that seems to be the new standard since even the iPhone 8 could benefit and the Samsung Galaxy S8 uses it as the main selling point! On the right edge is the power button and the volume button. This Google Pixel 2, of which we know the technical characteristics of the two models, of course benefits from a port of recharging USB Type-C. The video, although based on assumptions, gives a superb result of what one is entitled to expect from the next smartphone made in Google!