Google Pixel 2: A promising concept tease the smartphone

Techno 15 May, 2017

The Google Pixel 2 comes to life under our eyes through a promising concept. If Google takes a look at this device, there are some features to consider.
The Google Pixel 2 is not yet officially announced that the rumors are going well on the smartphone. The firm of Mountain View is expected of firm foot after a first version of quality. Although this has been whispered for a few months, a third model of Google Pixel 2 has resurfaced this week. Recall that the first generation was composed of Pixel and Pixel XL. For now, we know little about the design of Google Pixel 2 even though prototypes have leaked in recent weeks. Concept Creator, the flagship designer of the moment, seized the file and presented its version of Google Pixel 2.
In the video above, the Google Pixel 2 takes shape in a totally different design from the first generation. Concept Creator took a whole other gamble. XXL-size screen without borders, dual-lens camera either front or back, the list of features that scrolls at the beginning of video is impressive. The designer has totally started from scratch with a more than promising concept. We are very far from the design of the Google Pixel 2 presented by a graphic designer a few days ago. If Concept Creator is just right, we would be entitled to a true smartphone top of the range. Apple and Samsung will be able to shake.