Google Pixel 2: Apple expert bump on smartphone

Techno 22 June, 2017

Google does not want to leave anything to chance for its Pixel 2. The firm has even recruited an expert from Apple to work on the smartphone!
Google has a new idea in mind: create its own chips. The goal is to control all of its products like the Google Pixel 2 (which like the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be borderless) . To achieve its objective, the manufacturer does not hesitate to recruit rather aggressive and is surrounded by the best. The latest employee to have been approached by the famous firm comes directly from … Apple! What’s more logical to become the best than to go to the competition ? The employee in question is none other than Manu Gulati and his qualifications are rather impressive …
Manu Gulati joined the Google Lead SoC Architect . Previously, the man worked on the chips that equip the iPhone and iPad at Apple . In other words, with this recruitment, the American firm has left nothing to chance and the Google Pixel 2, whose manufacture could be entrusted to LG , will prove rather surprising. In an environment where competition is tough with giants such as Samsung, Huawei or OnePlus, Google could come and shake the game. Especially when we know that Google Pixel, despite many problems, was one of the best smartphones on the market. Market with an ultra powerful camera! What do you think ?