Google Pixel 2: The smartphone comes alive with this realistic concept

Techno 7 July, 2017

Concepts about Google Pixel 2 are multiplying in recent days. The last one comes straight from Hong Kong. You will have the impression of seeing the smartphone more true than nature.

Rumors about the Google Pixel 2 accelerate at high speed while the smartphone is still far from being released. But a little anticipation is always good to take especially when the wait may be long. Moreover, the competition is highly suspicious of the Google Pixel 2, including Apple and its future iPhone 8. The first version was a success and the firm of Mountain View wants to narrow again the gap with its counterpart in Cupertino. For now, you have to be content with concepts and the latest one may convince you with its sleek finishes. What if Google Pixel 2 had just come to life before our eyes?

This concept of Google Pixel 2 is the work of the Hong Kong designer Sam Lam Chin Pong whose creations often want to get closer to reality. Its smartphone has everything to seduce you. He was inspired by the latest rumors to realize his Google Pixel 2 moving away from the version inspired by the LG G6. As a result, the smartphone comes in three colors, with a quasi-edged screen, a dual-lens camera with LED flash at the back, and a fingerprint sensor not under the screen. The shell on the reverse side is all made of glass bringing more brilliance to the Google Pixel 2. The side buttons have been planed and are of a remarkable finesse by their discretion. If the future device of Google came to resemble this concept, we would be conquered. To see if the firm of Mountain View will inspire …