Google Pixel 2: The war with the iPhone 8 will take place

Techno 6 July, 2017

The iPhone 8 is likely to cause big problems with Google Pixel 2. What is it about? The lack of OLED screen that could limit the availability of the next smartphone search engine.

The iPhone 8 risks ruining everything in its path, and the Google Pixel 2 could pay the price. For his new flagship, Apple will indeed need a huge amount of OLED screens, leaving only crumbs to compete. According to a recent report, the apple brand would have linked very expensive exclusive partnerships with several key subcontractors in the industry. The Korea Herald explains that the firm of Tim Cook would be ready to invest nearly 2.3 billion euros in the production of screens of LG. Samsung Display would prepare to do the same to meet the growing demand of the Cupertino company. If the iPhone 8 could be well served, the situation would be very different for the Google Pixel 2. Its availability could be very limited in the first weeks of its marketing.

The first Google Pixel has a mixed record. Despite an excellent data sheet, the first smartphone of the search engine has experienced a stormy launch and limited availability in some countries. Impossible, for example, to procure it in France. For the Google Pixel 2, and its two versions, it was hoped that the inventory would be much better. But the iPhone 8 could come to mess up the plans of the dad of Android. The latter, however, would not be resolved to allow himself to be allowed to do so. A few months ago he was whispering that the company was in discussions with LG to ensure an availability of OLED screen for Pixel 2. We do not know more about the progress of the negotiations, But Google would be willing to put the price. The battle with the iPhone 8 will therefore take place.