Google Pixel 2: This superb concept will probably never see the light of day

Techno 26 June, 2017

How beautiful this concept video! A beautiful Google Pixel 2 with a very borderless design, and that makes the competition red. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that it will emerge.
Wow! DBS Designing unveils in video a superb concept of the next Google Pixel 2, soon to be manufactured by LG . Very futuristic, we discover a device with an ultra-borderless design. The Samsung Galaxy S8 just has to stand! The very large screen of the smartphone occupies indeed the vast majority of the front face of the mobile. As with the current generation, there is no button on the front panel, and the TouchID sensor remains at the rear. Another big novelty imagined by this concept: the dual camera. It is indeed a recurring rumor, and it is very probable that it arrives on the next generation. Despite the lack of a jack, this artist’s view of Google Pixel 2 put us in the mouth. Still, it is unlikely that he will see the light of day .
It was learned yesterday: the Google Pixel 2 would cross the borderless design . It would indeed adopt a look closer to the HTC U11 than the Samsung Galaxy S8. The tawaiais’ phone does not shine by its exterior appearance, with large strips at the top and bottom of the device. A disappointment therefore for those who waited for a real change of look for the Google Pixel 2. Unfortunately, this video remains a concept for now. However, it is hoped that the data sheet devised by DBS Designing will be verified. No one says a QHD + screen, an eight-core processor, 6 GB RAM and a battery with a capacity of 3800 mAh. What do you think ?