Google Pixel: A refund in case of problems with sound

Techno 23 December, 2016

Google Pixel is not perfect! Faced with a sound problem, Google now offers a full refund if you encounter the worry!
Your Google Pixel has some trouble with the sound? You are not the only one ! Many owners of Google and Google Pixel Pixel XL have indicated in recent days that the first phone speaker thought entirely by the search engine brand could be some problems . Google quickly recognized the concern by replacing or repairing the defective model, and the brand now offers a full refund of the device if you are faced with the same problem. If Samsung has (finally) figured out why its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was catching fire, Google seems to be in total blurry with sound problems of its Google Pixel, and said to conduct an investigation.

The problem with its Google Pixel seems to be more serious than what Google had originally thought. The Mountain View mark thought, at first, be able to solve the concern but now offers a full refund – not a replacement model – proof that Google Pixel is facing a serious problem. Google also communicated that the camera of some Google Pixel could display randomly pink or purple lines. The small problems facing the Pixel Google will not help the international development of the device, even if it shows you how to get the Google Pixel in France . Problems with your Pixel?