Google Pixel: The firm explains the cause of the micro problem

Techno 18 January, 2017

So the pixel multiplies the worries, Google has wanted to express itself on the problem related to the microphone of the phone unveiling the cause of the latter
We had announced several weeks ago: Google multiplies pixel defects . Nevertheless, the smartphone remains one of the best of the market although many reproach the firm of having wanted to leave a little too quickly its baby to take advantage of the holidays of end of the year. And while most of the problems are corrected via the software path, one related to his phone is neither more nor less than related equipment after Google itself . A user contacted the manufacturer’s service department to ask whether or not a fix to solve problems related to the microphone would be proposed soon. The response received from the medium is very clear on this point.

The problem of Pixel sound explained
“The problem mentioned here is known and affects some versions of the terminal. This concern is of a material nature and not software. We do not offer refunds for this problem, but we will be happy to spend the terminals concerned under warranty” . Another who will undoubtedly not please the users of Google Pixel, which could also be surpassed by the Xiaomi Mi 6 in the area of the photo . The only solution ? Conduct a replacement – offered by Google – the smartphone as soon as possible to get a functional terminal. Problems related to the autonomy of the Google Pixel or the various blockages should know the same solution. Have you experienced this problem?