Google reacts to Nexus 6P concerns but forgets Google Pixel

Techno 29 December, 2016

While its Nexus 6P are worried about Android Nougat, the firm Google has communicated on its last but forgot to mention those of Pixel!

For several weeks, the bugs multiplied on the side of smartphones stamped Google. The Nexus 6P and Pixel experiencing problems with the battery because the phones go off at a certain percentage and not come back on that when connected . It was on Reddit that users were heard, pushing the giant to react on the site itself. Because on this last, companies and other celebrities do not hesitate to communicate with the different Internet users. Bad luck for the owners of Google Pixel, better competitor against the iPhone according to the firm , it has clarified for the moment the problem of its Nexus 6P.

Google communicates on the concerns of its two phones
According to Google, the owners of a Nexus 6P have only one solution: contact the service of the firm . Everything suggests that the latter will replace the phones undergoing the technical problem. Google, which launched a new OS called Android Things , has not yet communicated its pixels. The unlucky will have to show a little patience and hope that the giant will quickly clarify the situation. Especially when you know the price of a Google Pixel above all that the smartphone is a good alternative to the age-old Samsung or Apple , two market leaders that the contractor seeks to compete. What do you think ?