Greater Montreal area: huge police operation against a criminal network linked to the mafia and the bikers

News 12 February, 2018

    Maxime Deland

    Monday, 12 February 2018 17:54

    Monday, 12 February 2018 17:54

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    Police officers conducted during the end of the week a major operation aimed at a network of production and traffic of narcotic drugs on a large scale, linked to the Italian organized crime and motorcycle gangs.

    The vast operation took place in the night from Friday to Saturday, in the greater metropolitan area.

    In total, the security forces have carried out six raids, four of which are in homes of Mirabel, Montreal, Terrebonne and Blainville), as well as in a warehouse in Mirabel and in a clandestine laboratory of Chertsey.

    Four men have been arrested during the strike, Lorenzo Rosa, 46 years old, Marcello Paolucci, 37 years old, Rudolph John, 45, and Lucio Augello, 45 years of age.

    They appeared on Saturday under charges of production of narcotics, possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking and possession of stolen goods.

    The four individuals are suspected of being part of a criminal organization that “played a key role in the drug trafficking in the greater metropolitan area”, commented the authorities.

    During the searches, the police in particular have seized seven kilograms and 100 000 tablets of methamphetamine, large batches of products anabolic and 25 kg of an organic compound that is used to manufacture narcotic drugs.

    They have also seized several equipment used for the manufacture of drugs, of which three pill presses in the clandestine laboratory, each with a production capacity of 105 000 tablets per hour.

    This operation is the result of the survey work performed as a result of operations conducted since June 2016 against the individuals involved in the manufacture of synthetic drugs, including fentanyl.

    The strike police was led by the organized crime Division SPVM, in collaboration with the Sûreté du Québec, the royal Canadian mounted police and the canada border services Agency of Canada.