Groundhog Phil predicts Americans the long winter : In the World : Vladim

News 2 February, 2018

Six more weeks of cold winter predicted Americans Groundhog Phil. Information about this was shared at staff USA Today. As you know, February 2, according to an old tradition, the Groundhog from the American city Punxsutawney predicts, expects residents of the United States warming or they expect the cold weather.


According to tradition, if the animal comes out of the hole and sees his shadow, the next six weeks will be cold, if not, then, consequently, warm. Phil, as you can guess, this time his shadow was seen.
The first time Groundhog Day began to celebrate in 1887. Members of the “inner circle” who support the tradition say that all this time the predictions are made by one and the same Groundhog.

It is extraordinary, from the standpoint of physiology and common sense, longevity is explained by the fact that the animal gives amazing “surkovo punch”. In fact, as it did not want to ruin a great legend, but marmots are not more than eight years.

The staff of the Moscow zoo and is sure that to Wake up the marmot during hibernation is not a good idea, because usually the animal wakes up in March, and therefore to spoil its biological structure is not necessary.