Group Protektor and its president accused

News 5 February, 2018
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    Monday, February 5, 2018 20:28

    Monday, February 5, 2018 20:31

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    The Group Protektor find ourselves once again on the hot seat. The Barreau du Québec has triggered an investigation following reports of TVA News, and decided to continue the company and its president, who would have claimed to act as a lawyer without having the title.

    Protektor promises to help you in your conflict with the CNESST, the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) or the Compensation of victims of crime.

    The law society has filed four lawsuits against the company and its president, Vanessa Thiffeault Picard, because she would have to believe that it was acting as a lawyer.

    “To my knowledge, this is the second time. I have seen a case in the region of Quebec a few years ago. Montreal, I think this is the first time. But I think that the law society should do this more often,” said Marc Bellemare, the lawyer of one of the alleged victims of Protektor.

    The documents argue that the advertising for Protektor advertisement of legal services, as well as the presence of a legal team and forensic experts.

    Stéphane Richard has lost the $ 5,000 he had advanced to the spouse of Vanessa Thiffeault Picard. The con artist Alexandre Royer, who was sentenced for a fraud of $ 14 million, had taken his money for him, say a few weeks later that there was nothing he could do for him. Mr. Richard will testify to the Bar.

    The Bar considers that Protektor “has given place to believe that it was authorized to perform the functions of a lawyer and to act for the benefit of Mr. Stéphane Richard”.

    After the broadcast of our story, Ms. Thiffeault Picard was willing to reimburse him. Three months later, Protektor has not yet repaid Stéphane Richard.

    The office of consumer protection has received numerous complaints about Protektor, that is not the only company active in this field.

    Protektor, which declined our interview request, faces up to nearly a half-million dollar fine.