Guilty of having illegally practised psychotherapy

News 15 February, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Wednesday, 14 February, 2018 23:38

    Wednesday, 14 February, 2018 23:38

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    LAVAL – Marie-Micheline Corbin, a woman who claimed to be a psychotherapist on the social networks, has been found guilty of having usurped this professional title and to have practiced illegally psychotherapy.

    In 2015, the Order of psychologists of Quebec has launched an investigation after it got wind of the information that Ms. Corbin made himself out to be a psychotherapist, without having the training.

    In order to test this allegation, the Order has twice sent an investigator with a problem of a fictional depression in Ms. Corbin. “During the first encounter with the defendant, she claims to be a psychotherapist and naturopath. She explains to work with energy, the respirator, the anchor and that it unblocks the emotions,” one can read in the judgment.

    A psychologist, Lorraine Beauchemin, analysed the records of these meetings and has determined that Marie Micheline Corbin used techniques related to psychotherapy during his interventions.

    However, the accused has never been registered with the College of psychologists of Quebec and has never demonstrated that it is the holder of the permit of psychotherapist. The Court therefore concluded that it had usurped the professional title of psychotherapist.

    “This seminal decision comes devote for the first time before the courts the way in which it is necessary to understand the definition of psychotherapy as provided by law. It must also be remembered that it is to protect the public that the legislature has chosen to reserve the activities at high risk of harm, such as the practice of psychotherapy, to people who have the skills and training required for the exercise”, welcomed the president of the College, the psychologist, Christine Grou, in a press release issued Wednesday.

    Marie-Micheline Corbin, who was not represented by counsel, did not attend the presentation of the evidence amassed against it. The presentation of arguments on the sentence by the parties will be at a later date.