Guilty of having rented the body of a young girl

News 23 January, 2018
    Marc Clermont

    Valerie Gonthier

    Monday, 22 January 2018 11:39

    Monday, 22 January 2018 11:39

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    A pedophile has admitted to having paid thousands of dollars to a mother to get over three years for the sexual services of his daughter.

    From may 2013 to march 2017, Marc Clermont has hired almost once a month the body of a child of six years, leaving each time of $ 100 to $ 200 to the mother of the little girl.

    The accused and the woman, that you can’t name so as not to reveal the identity of the victim, are known by networks of conference calls.

    The mother continued to sell sexual services. During their first lovemaking, her child, who was sleeping in his room, was woken up by the noise and went to the living room. Clermont then offered $ 60 to the mother to get permission to touch the child, she agreed.

    25 occasions, he then had meetings with the child only. Each time, Clermont was part of the mother of his preferences as to the clothing of the victim, bikini, black dress, high heels and makeup.

    The assault lasted 30 to 45 minutes.

    “Special “

    Once the child is facing his mother, asking him why this was not she who offered her sexual services, being the adult. The woman explained that she was “special” and that it was thus that she could spoil him and provide activities.

    The mother and Marc Clermont were finally arrested in march 2017. The mother was sentenced in November to a seven-year sentence of detention. Clermont will receive his award later. He also pleaded guilty to charges in connection with assaults that occurred from 1989 to 1997.