Guy Lafleur dismissed by Court of appeal

News 2 February, 2018
    The family of the deceased player from the Canadian, Dickie Moore accepted the condolences on Sunday, the 27th of December, from 14 h to 21 h, at salon Urgel Bourgie, 1255 Beaumont avenue, Town of Mount-Royal. On the photo: Guy Lafleur.

    Michael Nguyen

    Friday, 2 February 2018 16:52

    Friday, 2 February 2018 16:56

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    The legendary hockey player Guy Lafleur has suffered a new setback in his quest to be compensated for his arrest following his testimony in court, in favour of his son.

    “The court rejected the appeal “, concluded the three judges of the highest court of the province in a decision released this Friday.

    Unless he tries to apply to the supreme Court, the “demon blond” can, therefore, put a cross on the $ 2 million that it was claiming to the State and to the police for his arrest that goes back to 2008.

    At the time, Guy Lafleur testified in favor of his son, Mark, in a criminal trial. Except that the Crown had considered that the ex-hockey player had made conflicting testimonies.

    An arrest warrant had been issued for Guy Lafleur, who had eventually been acquitted in the Court of appeal.

    “Trip of women “

    The former star of the Montreal canadiens, therefore, believed to have been the victim of a “trip of women” who wanted to ” pass the cash “.

    He drew this conclusion because the lawyers and the police in this case were women.

    At the trial in civil court, Lafleur had said he felt humiliated by the arrest and the search at the police station. He had also sworn to have lost sponsorships.

    No abuse

    The superior Court had, however, rejected Guy Lafleur, concluding that the actresses in this folder had not committed any offence that could justify any damage, and that there had been no abuse. And she had good reason to do so, confirmed by the Court of appeal of Quebec.

    “Remember that the judge of first instance concluded to the absence of malicious intent in the conduct [of the attorney], a finding that is not challenged by [the call], one can read in the decision. Accordingly, the court could not conclude on the responsibility of the latter. “

    The judges of the Court of appeal added that the judge at first instance had acted appropriately in concluding that the police has adopted a reasonable conduct toward the ” demon blond “.

    “Once again, this is a finding that it could reasonably draw from the evidence and [Guy Lafleur] does not show the presence of an error “, indicates the decision of 6 pages.