Gymnastics: the director of the national women’s team accused in the criminal offence with respect to acts of a sexual nature

News 16 December, 2017
    Dave Brubaker, left, has been arrested and accused of several under several counts of a sexual nature.

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    Friday, December 15, 2017 22:22

    Friday, December 15, 2017 22:56

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    SARNIA, Ontario – Dave Brubaker, the director of the women’s national team of Gymnastics Canada, was arrested and charged under the criminal Code with several counts of sexual nature.

    Arrested by the police in Sarnia, Ontario, on Thursday, he appeared in court on Friday and has been charged with one count of invitation to sexual touching, three counts of sexual interference, three counts of sexual exploitation and three counts of sexual assault.

    The police said that after his appearance, Brubaker has been released on bail and that he would have to represent it before the court in the month of February.

    The Sarnia police, who gave no further details, has invited anyone with information regarding the situation, to communicate with the agent detective Soucek at 519-344-8861 at position 6191 or with the criminal investigations division of the Sarnia police at 519-344-8861 at extension 5300.

    In a press release, after the media coverage of the accusations against the director of its women’s national team, Gymnastics Canada (GCG) said he is “shocked and deeply concerned”.

    “The safety and security of athletes is the priority of Gymnastics Canada at any time, has assured Richard Crépin, chair of the board of directors of GCG. The sport must be safe and secure and we take measures to protect all participants by ensuring that policies and procedures, but also of training and resources, are in place.”

    Mr Crépin added that Mr. Brubaker is on administrative leave, Gymnastics Canada until the results of the investigation are known, stressing that “the procedures and the alleged offences are subject to a publication ban”.

    Gymnastics Canada has also invited persons with information concerning this case to contact the Sarnia police.

    In addition to being the director of the women’s national team that he has conducted to the Olympics in Rio in 2016 and the world championships in Montreal last October, Dave Brubaker is the director of the gymnastics club Bluewater Sarnia (where his wife is also a coach).

    Brubaker has been coaching athletes of different sports for over 35 years, we can read on the club web site, Bluewater.