Gypsy divination by date of birth

Techno 2 February, 2018

2018-02-02 13:26

Gypsy divination by date of birth
The fate of no escape .

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Divination by date of birth: find out how the rest of your destiny, reports Rus.Media.

Numerology is an ancient mystical science that studies the energy of numbers and its impact on human life. Anyone who is interested in this knowledge, can.

Divination by date of birth: find out how the rest of your destiny

Numerology is an ancient mystical science that studies the energy of numbers and its impact on human life. Anyone who is interested in this knowledge, can carry out divination by date of birth in the future, adding up numbers that form the date. So you can find out about your purpose, about the love compatibility of you is prepared for marriage and number of children.

All the calculations are very simple, with them to handle even a first grader.

Calculation of destiny number

To begin to master the principles of numerology, spend a simple fortune telling by date of birth and year of birth which will show the number of your fate. Let’s discuss this based on a notional example.

Let’s say you were born 30 October 1990. Write your date of birth in the following format: 30.10.1990.

Now add all the numbers you see. 3+0+1+0+1+9+9+0 = 23.

If you have a two-digit number, continue to put visible numbers until you get a result from 1 to 9. In the example 2+3 = 5.

This is your destiny number, which determines the basis of your personality. Other numbers present in your birth date, describes the traits expressed to a lesser degree.

In this example, the numbers 1,3,9, and weakly expressed 2. The qualities of numbers that are not in the calculation, not inherent in you from birth, may only be available for a long time and hard work.

The value of the destiny number

1. Number of bright individuals. You are a natural leader and know how to lead people. Easily become the soul of the company and gaining the sympathy. A higher power gave you to pass through a lot of energy, take good care of that gift. Without an understanding that all people on earth are equal and deserve love, it is easy to catch the “star disease” and start to push people away high self-esteem.

2. The number of people with a gentle nature. You don’t like conflict, preferring to yield in disputes, adjust to the interlocutor. Family and friends appreciate you and you are always welcome to come to their assistance, but selfish people can easily use you to their advantage. You rarely to change something in your life, often adapt to circumstances that don’t suit you. You are attracted to spirituality, and you love children.

3. Number of optimists. All you see in the first positive direction. You have a lot of energy that you use to improve your destiny and help others. You prefer to take responsibility and be active in every sphere of life.

4. The number of rebels. Your assignment is to break something that does not lead to good and very good, to save other people from unnecessary and obsolete. To a “revolutionary” — your essence, and nobody has the right to reproach. If you feel that your intervention will help in any situation, do not hesitate, get down to business. But remember about self-control, such a gift might develop into a desire to contradict any rules.

5. The number of experimenters. Your creative nature immediately distinguishes you from a number of commonplace people, who live only of work and family. You like travelling, learning new, experimenting with looks and clothing. Everything you undertake is going right in your hands quickly and easily. However, you can easily fall into despair, when, for whatever reason, your life becomes banal. To return to normal can only be a new idea.

6. A number of choleric. In your nature — defiant behavior and a tendency to hysteria. Remember that all that we bestow a higher power, they do with a purpose, a mystery to people. Live in harmony with his character, accept and love yourself for who you are. The people you need, and so be close if you lost someone because of his character, it is so destined.

7. The number of philosophers. You like to ponder how life works. You will be easy to implement in any work related to mental work. However, it may be difficult in relationships with people because your mind is dominated by sense. Read psychology books to better understand others and it is easier to establish contacts with them.

8. The number of individuals. You tend towards introversion, shyness and aloofness. In you lives the need to create their own little world, who is accountable only to you. However deep down you need warmth and support from other people. You are destined to find a few good friends with whom you will be cozy, but active social life — not for you.

9. The number of leaders. You were born to control other people. You are hardworking and like to be the organizer, you look to the future confidently towards goals, achieving success in any business. Having the right to judge other people, you are inclined to objectivity and impartiality, the principle of “to each according to merit”.

The calculation of the relationship

Having mastered the method of calculating the destiny number, you can conduct a divination for compatibility by date of birth. On the basis of find out date of birth of your partner, especially important the exact year, because it happens that young men add to his years, and the girl Granny. Knowing both the date of birth, you can calculate the compatibility of couples. Again let us examine this with an example.

For example, the girl with the date of birth 30.10.1990 met a guy with the date of birth 19.07.1996. Let’s make together the numbers on both dates: 3+0+1+0+1+9+9+0+1+9+0+7+1+9+9+6=65

The result should be subtracted the number 22 until you get a value from 1 to 22. In the example it would be this: 65-22= 43, 43-22=11.

Favorable numbers for a serious relationship 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 14, 17, 19, 21. Perhaps should break up with your partner, if you have 9, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18 and 22. Future pairs with numbers 1, 4, 7, 8, 11,14, 22 completely in your hands.


1. Love-war. Partners will always compete, because everyone wants to be a leader in relations. Such a pair is very difficult to find harmony.

2. Perfect couple. You belong together like two halves of a whole. Such couples often live to the Golden wedding, keeping the love and tenderness for many years.

3. The perfect lovers. You’re good together in bed, and your Union rests on the romance.

4. Relationship is fragile and can disintegrate because of the influence of outsiders. However, can lead to the creation of family — all in your hands. Listen to your partner, respect him, look for more interest in order to preserve the Union.

5. Patriarchate. Relationship similar to the one described in “Domostroy”. The constant jealousy of her husband, the desire to take control. Frequent scandals. Decide it you want?

6. Misalliance. Partners do not like each other. Sometimes this is visible externally by a man or a woman over several decades. But it is often a Union of people who have completely different ideas about life. People say about these pairs of “opposites attract”. The karmic goal of this communication is the mutual development of two souls, learning new perspectives, new experience.

7. Strong family. These relationships are built on mutual understanding and respect. But there is a danger of losing love, first strong sense over the years, will become a habit, the marriage will hold on the children and in General life. Unfortunately, many still live.

8. Companions. This Alliance rests on the common Hobbies of men and women. They can be colleagues, or love travel, or meet at meetings of the club collect stamps. Partners support each other, and both tend to develop in your occupation.

9. Partners. Unfortunately, love in this pair will be short-lived. But the General case can bring you together as friends for many years.

10. Individualities. This Alliance does not work out to the end. On energetic level, man and woman do not merge into a single entity, everyone will stay with their goals and objectives. In the eyes of secular society, this family is complete, but many, subconsciously feeling the karmic incompatibility, continue to look for a partner that leads to cheating.

11. A fragile relationship. You and your partner suit each other and may eventually start a family. However, such a marriage is fragile to external circumstances and can easily disintegrate because of damage to the relationship or household issues. Knowing this, be tolerant of your husband, choose dialogue instead of an argument.

12. The Union of egoists. Both partners are not inclined to yield to each other and to compromise even in small things. Usually these relationships don’t last long.

13. The need of the victim. These pairs share a real love, but sooner or later there comes a moment when one of the partners has to sacrifice something important in order to preserve the Union. For example, a man will work 12 hours a day to children have enough money, or a woman will be forced to move to the city man, leaving parents and friends

14. Adverse number. The pair soon parted.

15. Violent passion. Wait a couple of fierce quarrel and reconciliation, how long it will last depends on the patience of both.Lie. One of the partners is hiding something. These may be children from a previous marriage, infidelity, facts about his past.Dishonesty leaves a crack in the energy field pair, so the Union is easy to destroy by impact from the outside. But it is better not to develop this relationship in the beginning.

16. Intrigue. One of the partners is not seriously different. Even if it comes to marriage, it will soon disintegrate. But such pairs are highly compatible in bed.

17. Loneliness. Couples can complement each other to become as one. Everyone realizes that in a relationship something is missing, and people soon diverge.

18. Matriarchy. In relations the main woman, she takes all major decisions and the future of the Union depends on her wishes. When the pressure, people either become henpecked or he starts to lead a double life, letting loose their identity beyond the family hearth.

19. Movement. Partners will push each other to develop together and explore the world. The future is entirely in their hands.

20. Family nest. Gentle and long relationship. In such marriages, many children born, and the couple remained together until old age.

21. Exam. Couple face many difficulties at the stage of exploring and lapping each other. But the partners will overcome all conflicts and external circumstances, the marriage is strong and long lasting.

22. Unpredictability. The fate of this couple will experience all the time. If the partner you do care, get ready for life on a powder keg.

When I get married?

Probably after the previous divination this question wondering. And again will help numerology. Will conduct a divination for marriage by date of birth. Again, you will need your destiny number. Find it in the list below to see what year text answer him.

1)- 1,4,5,7

2)- 1,5,6,8

3)- 3,6,7,9

4)- 1,4,7,8

5)- 2,5,7,9

6)- 1,3,6,9

7)- 1,2,4,8

8)- 1,2,6,8

9) 2,3,6,7

The number is calculated just for example 2017=2+0+1+7 = 10 = 1. Find the 1 in the right half of the list above. So, this year married can be women with numbers 1,2,4,6,7,8 fate.

Here are the numbers calculated for the next ten years

2017 = 1

2018 = 2

2019 = 3

2020 = 4

2021 = 5

2022 = 6

2023 = 7

2024 = 8

2025 = 9

2026 = 1

That is, a woman with a destiny number 5 will probably get married in 2017 or 2021-m years. Compare the lists, find the favorable years, but remember that everything is in your hands. You will send the invitation to the wedding, if you sit in four walls and not to meet men.,

How many will be children?

This question numerology knows the answer. Divination by date of birth for future motherhood is very simple. Count all his brothers and sisters, as a family, and consolidated, and even foster. Add their number to your destiny number.

For example, a girl with a destiny number 5 has a half brother by his father and foster sister. Then 5+2=7. If you have more then 10 again add the numbers.

Find the number that got you on the list:

1. As long as you can keep. If you wish, you can become the mother of many children, but you are waiting for tests during pregnancy and in the first years of baby’s life. So, if you want lots of children, you need now to protect your health.

2. One child. Don’t worry if you want more. In this case, you have to show the higher powers that’ll be a good mother select a decent man, decide material issues in the family, first child grow in love and care.

3. As long as you want, but not immediately. May you have a long search for a suitable father, or the need for treatment or other circumstances will interfere with you to have children. All trials are sent for the good, for your development, you will become a mom when this will come.

4. Two, a boy and a girl. The ideal option, right?

5. Great chance of a multiple birth. Or you will have at least two children of any gender.

6. Several children from different fathers. Try to grow them, with the same amount of heat and attention to each.

7. The birth of children is not included in your priorities. You will be childfree or parents of one late baby. This is your path and nobody has the right to judge you, everyone has their own karma. If you want to change the destiny, read about the number 2.

8. You are destined to become a foster mother. Own children you can have all you want, it is your duty to give warmth not only to your baby. This does not necessarily translate to adoption, for example you can become a second mother to my nephews, or choose a job related to children, teacher, babysitter, instructor of game town.

9. Two children of any gender.


Remember that numerology tells you about the fate destined even before birth. But our destiny is half of what we are given, and half of our conscious actions performed from day to day.

Human life is not written like a book, from title to epilogue. The fate intended for you before the birth — a plan for the future masterpiece, script, list of chapters, in which the Creator of easy adjustments as you write. It all depends on your business.