Hacked clients of Bell vulnerable for the next few months

News 24 January, 2018
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    Wednesday, 24 January 2018 09:58

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    A security breach allowed hackers to have access to thousands of information of customers of Bell Canada.

    A little less than 100,000 client accounts are affected by this security breach. According to security specialist Steve Waterhouse, all customers will be required to demonstrate a high degree of prudence over the next few months.

    The telecom giant has apologized, and an RCMP investigation is underway.

    According to the information disclosed, account numbers, passwords, names, phone numbers and more would have been recovered by crime.

    In an interview with the issuance of The Quebec Morning, the specialist in computer security, Steve Waterhouse, believes that Bell has his share of responsibility.

    “The companies are responsible. As a consumer to give personal information to companies and businesses, at this time, have the responsibility, that these data do not become public”, he said in an interview.

    Bell customers who have been hacked have been notified by the company.

    “The financial information are not leaked, these are only personal information,” says the specialist.

    In addition, clients should expect to receive of the solicitation of the wrong-doers in the coming months.

    “People should receive e-mails, with a beautiful header from Bell, they will feel concerned. It is necessary to pay more attention to who can enter. And in this case, since it is a company of telecommunication, it is likely that there will be text messages to trap people. I have already been cases in the end of the week,” he explains.

    These traps will allow the scammers access to your computer, to release personal data and use it to get financial data, or even identity theft.

    This is not the first time that Bell is hack the personal information of customers. According to Mr. Waterhouse, the computing environments are complex and there are major security flaws in microprocessors.

    “The technological challenge is to keep these systems up to date”, concludes the expert.