Hackers from North Korea South Korean intelligence accused of stealing cryptocurrency

News 17 December, 2017

The South Korean National intelligence Agency suspects of theft by hackers from North Korea cryptocurrency from the exchange Bithumb $ 7 million. As reported by the source Agency Yonhap, a group of hackers may be involved in attacks on other cryptocurrency exchanges.


The cryptocurrency was stolen in the beginning of this year. In addition were stolen personal data of more than 30 thousand users of the exchange Bithumb.

The national intelligence Agency of South Korea said that the kidnappers used when hacking the database of the exchange codes that are similar to those used by the hacker group Lazarus. The group was kidnapped in 2016 from the Central Bank of Bangladesh’s 81 million dollars. In the same year, the Russian company Group-IB, specializing in kiberbezopasnosti, proved that the group Lazarus controlled by the authorities of the DPRK.