Halifax: the statue of Edward Cornwallis was covered

News 15 July, 2017
  • The tarp is on the #EdwardCornwallis statue. #Halifax #HFXPoli pic.twitter.com/hoL9SC0eP0

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    Saturday, 15 July 2017 16:50

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    HALIFAX | the cheers of the protesters, the statue of the controversial founder of Halifax criticized for its treatment of indigenous peoples has been covered with a tarp, Saturday.

    Dozens of people, including the mayor of Halifax, Mike Savage, were present during the recovery of the statue of Edward Cornwallis, reported the Global network News.

    Some helped city workers to install the tarp with a truck from the city.

    Mayor Savage was concerned earlier in the week that the protesters had resorted to violence during the rally organized via Facebook.

    The protesters were asked to remove peacefully the statue, but the organizers had not specified how they intended to proceed to perform the maneuver.

    Governor of Nova Scotia, Cornwallis founded Halifax in 1749, where he gave premiums in exchange for scalps aboriginal people.

    For the Mi’kmaq, who have been demanding for a long time, the removal of the statue, the actions of Cornwallis under the genocide.

    The tarp should stay in place until the déboulonnement of the statue that had been installed in the early 1930s.