Happy cowards do not put on? How often should I have sex

Techno 1 February, 2018

2018-02-01 17:18

Happy cowards do not put on? How often should I have sex
When you think of a really happy couple, you can assume that they have sex every day, as if the moment that brace.

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According to a new study, it was found that many happy couples spend most nights reading in my pajamas, reports Rus.Media.

Researchers from the University of Toronto gathered data from surveys of 30,000 Americans over the last 40 years to see the happy couple have more or less sexual relationship than miserable. Their results, published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, showed that worldwide there is a happy place for happy couples, and sex once a week.

They found that more sex meant more happiness, but there was a communication boundary, and it was once a week. This was the case regardless of age, gender or duration of relationship. But it was only for people in relationships; for single people there was no connection between frequency of sex and overall happiness.

Why pleasure comes after to do once a week? It remains unclear, but the authors write that couples can experience satisfaction if they have the amount of sex they consider “average” for these couples. Previous studies have shown that people tend to report that they have sex something like once a week, so couples who do this often probably feel pretty good about myself.

Overall, the researchers say that their results should not be a recipe for sexual relations, but the occasion to talk with your partner and see if you meet the needs of each other in the bedroom.

“Our results indicate that it is important to keep in close touch with your partner, but you don’t need to have sex every day while you maintain this relationship,” said researcher Amy Muise in a statement. “It is important to keep in close touch with your partner without exerting too much pressure on having sex as often as possible”.