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News 27 January, 2018
  • Photo By Caroline Lepage
    Peter Pauzé has grown to love the winter since it was installed in its little corner of paradise.

    Caroline Lepage

    Saturday, 27-jan-2018 01:00

    Saturday, 27-jan-2018 01:00

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    DRUMMONDVILLE | After having travelled the world as a military, a retiree has put his bags in his small corner of paradise, where he lives in retirement in peace with nature and his family.

    During his military career, Peter Pauzé has travelled a lot. As a patrol leader in tank or as a mechanic, aircraft engines, the 66-year old man has lived six years in Germany, and has carried out several missions, in Egypt or the Gulf war.

    When he left the army after 24 years of service, he worked at Air Canada for 14 years. It has been almost eight years, he had the flair ahead of his retirement just before the service was sold to a company that has quickly gone bankrupt.

    The 66-year old man benefits from the pension funds of his employers and governments. A sister-in-law accountant has given him a helping hand to manage financially in retirement.

    His favourite

    “I have not had need to plan. I am not rich but I live well, ” says he.

    By visiting one of his brothers who lives on the edge of a small artificial lake to Drummondville, Mr. Pauzé has fallen in love with the place.

    “This is my little corner of paradise,” says the man charmed by the beauty of nature.

    Mr. Pauzé has signed a promise to purchase on the same day that he visited the only house to sell in the Area of the rest.

    “I’ve always said that my retirement, I would come back to Drummondville,” said the one who wanted to be closer to her family.

    With its large grounds and its two floors, the property allows him to host his own. His daughter, Caroline, came to live in his home with his granddaughter.

    “The little played guitar on the dock and sang with the ducks,” he recalls.

    The retiree and does not count any more parties that he organizes at home for both birthdays at christmas time.

    “I’m a guy of family. It was fun the whole gang, the winter as the summer, ” he says.

    In the winter, he designs trails, a slip of her balcony, an ice skating rink on the lake, etc in The summer, it walks on the river, located in the vicinity, with the pontoon of his brother.

    Its large window offers a picture postcard landscape 12 months a year.

    How I paid for my retirement

    • Military Pension
    • Air Canada Pension
    • Federal Pension
    • Régie des rentes

    Peter Pauzé believes that its pace of life has increased in retirement because he has more time for leisure.

    The mortgage and the maintenance of its house account for a good part of his time and his finances, but he sees it as a good investment that was worth it.

    According to him, 85 % of its revenues cover its basic needs, such as housing, clothes and food, and then the rest is devoted to leisure.

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