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For his new film about Dunkirk, in cinemas this Wednesday, Christopher Nolan has not chosen to headliners. He has chosen his actors not for their name and their fame but for their sheer talent. It is as well as Harry Styles, singer of One Direction, has found himself on this adventure.

At 23 years of age, it is necessary to recognize that the journey of Harry Styles is surprising by its speed and its originality. Unfortunate candidate of the show X-Factor,he met four other boys who suffered the same fate. On the bright idea of Nicole Scherzinger, a member of the singing competition, the five budding singers to form a group with which they finish 3rd in the ranking. Become the One Direction, they participate in the tour X-Factor. The phenomenon is on the road.

As of 2011, thees One Direction, released five studio albums that sell by the millions across the world. In 2016, they decide to put the adventure collective in parentheses in order to pursue solo projects. Harry Styles records an album and a film, Dunkirk.

Unlike his previous movies, director Christopher Nolan didn’t want a cast of super stars in hollywood. He preferred to choose the actors that he knew well, such as Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, or the new ones in his universe, including Harry Styles. In Hollywood Reporter,the filmmaker said that he had not chosen the young British for his fame and his success with One Direction. “I wasn’t really aware of his celebrity, “he says. My daughter had told me about him, but I wasn’t really conscious of it “. Christopher Nolan adds : “I hired Harry Styles because he was suited wonderfully for the role. It has truly earned its place in the film “. A beautiful tribute to the one who has directed Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson, Matthew McConnaughey, Al Pacino or Robin Williams. For the moment, Harry Styles is not yet known if he will continue the beginning of their career, very successful in the cinema.Once the promo of Dunkirk completed, it will regain its costume of the lead singer for a huge world tour, of close to 90 dates.


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