Has his trial, the Danish Peter Madsen denies the murder of the journalist Kim Wall

News 8 March, 2018
  • AFP


    Thursday, march 8, 2018 05:09

    Thursday, march 8, 2018 05:09

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    COPENHAGEN, Denmark | The Danish Peter Madsen has denied having killed aboard his submarine, the journalist Swedish Kim Wall in August 2017, the first day of his trial resounding Thursday in Copenhagen.

    The trial started at 09: 30 (local time) at the court of Copenhagen, in the presence of the victim’s relatives, including his parents, and many journalists Danish and foreign.

    Eyeglasses frame black, t-shirt, dark, Peter Madsen has taken place in a courtroom cramped. He has not spoken, but her lawyer has confirmed to the court that it had not changed its line of defence that Kim Wall is dead by accident on board the submarine on August 10, 2017.

    The prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen has set out the facts particularly macabre of the folder in which it has already announced its intention to seek life imprisonment. Peter Madsen also continued to affect the integrity of a corpse and sexual assault.

    The last exchange of text messages between Kim Wall and her boyfriend, left on the ground to celebrate with friends the near departure of the couple, who had decided to settle in China, have been projected on the big screen.

    “I’m still alive,” jokes does it at 20: 15 on the evening of 10 August. “But we’re going to dive in now. I love you.” And then she sends one last message a minute later: “He even brought coffee and small cakes”.

    The twelve days of hearings planned until the 25th of April should allow the tribunal to better understand the personality of the alleged murderer and the circumstances of the tragedy.

    The journalist was in the sea with the enigmatic creator of the submersible, Peter Madsen, that she wanted to interview.

    Arrested and jailed shortly after the disappearance of the young journalist, the inventor of 47-year-old has since admitted to being dismembered and thrown his body to the sea but denies killing her.

    The autopsy did not determine the causes of the death of Kim Wall, whose decapitated body was found at several locations in the bay of Køge between Denmark and Sweden.

    Peter Madsen proclaimed his innocence, claiming that the journalist has been the victim of an accident aboard his submarine, and that he dismembered her body before throwing it to the sea.

    Sexual fantasy

    Kim Wall, freelance journalist Swedish 30 years, had gone missing on August 10 in the evening in the strait of Öresund, between Denmark and Sweden, while she was doing a story on the Nautilus and Peter Madsen.

    “She would have wanted to know why someone (…) could imagine creating things that are normally given by military governments and powerful”, had explained in August, the AFP’s Nina Berman, one of the professors of Kim Wall at the university of Columbia (New York), where she was graduated in 2014.

    The boyfriend of the Swedish had reported his disappearance in the night of 10 to 11 August.

    Peter Madsen, rescued the 11 by a boater before the sinking of his vessel, who is suspected of having scuttled. After intense research in the sea, the trunk and weighted down by Kim Wall, including the limbs and head have been deliberately severed, was discovered on August 21 in the bay of Køge, by a cyclist.

    The prosecution submits that Mr. Madsen has tortured and killed the journalist in order to satisfy a sexual fantasy, which he denies. Any mobile does not appear clear, however.

    Witnesses, including several ex-links, to describe a man-eating multiple sexual perversions, follower of scenarios, sado-masochistic, engaged in mock strangulation.

    The study of the hard drive seized in his workshop – he denies that it is hers – revealed videos of women – apparently real, according to the indictment – raped, murdered, burned.

    “I thought I was the know”, told AFP a former friend and collaborator of Peter Madsen, came to assist at the debates. “I saw him two weeks before the incident. He was stressed, he had mentioned his money problems,” said Jens Falkenberg.

    Help women journalists

    The survivors are destitute of the earthquake in Haiti to the women journalists in Uganda, american athletes obese individuals to the development of tourism in North Korea, Kim Wall ran tirelessly the world in search of their destinies as unique as universal.

    His loved ones have created a fund “Kim Wall”, currently almost $ 200,000, as well as a scholarship of $ 5000 which will be presented on 23 march in order to ensure the safety of women journalists when they go on assignment abroad.

    The trial of the inventor, which are expected to 37 witnesses, including a forensic doctor and expert, opens the day of the international women’s Day.