Has The World Cup Altered Western perceptions?

News 21 February, 2023

There is no denying that the 2022 edition of the World Cup has been one of the most contentious in recent generations. The awarding of the biggest event on the planet to Qatar, despite accusations of bribery and a poor human rights record in Qatar, raised questions before the start of the tournament.

Still, fans have traveled in their millions to witness the event in person, and many have returned to their home countries following a favorable experience at this unique World Cup. But, has it changed the perception of the Western World when it comes to their views on Qatar?

Visitors Learn Of Cultural Life In Qatar

One of the biggest factors heading into the World Cup was the fact that this was the first competition to be hosted in the Arab World. That immediately was met with a number of different restrictions that many fans wouldn’t have faced at previous competitions. The most pressing of those was the fact that alcohol was banned. This is something that FIFA will still need to sort out with their official sponsor Budweiser after the tournament, as it was announced with just hours to go before the opening game that the beer wouldn’t be sold in the stadiums in Qatar.

However, for most fans, this wasn’t an issue in the slightest. Instead, they opted to learn about the culture in Qatar and paid visits to religious places such as Doha’s Blue Mosque and the Doha Katara cultural district. Of course, any World Cup will challenge fans, as they will no longer be able to enjoy their home comforts, but taking in the culture of any country that you visit during your lifetime is essential, and it was right that Qatar didn’t change their beliefs just to host the competition.

Qatar Fashion

One of the overriding feelings that many fans attending the World Cup will take with them was just how friendly the locals were, as they welcomed visitors to Qatar, and wanted to show off the country throughout the competition.

That was evident throughout the tournament, as spectators in stadiums were seen throughout the tournament wearing traditional clothes, but with a slight nod to their country’s colors. This was a welcome addition to the tournament, and it highlights that many fans were keen to take in life in Qatar without trying to find bars or clubs to get closer to their traditional way of life.

World Cup Experience

The World Cup experience for many would have been very good, as many returned home to tell stories of how easily accessible the stadiums were, and that any ill feeling toward how fans may be treated by police in Qatar was short of the mark. In fact, many female fans have revealed that they have never felt safer visiting a World Cup, as everyone was friendly and there were no concerns for their safety throughout their time in Qatar.

The games themselves have been slightly different, as the European-style atmosphere that you come to expect with big matches was missing throughout the tournament. Instead, there was a feeling that many spectators attending fixtures were treating matches like they were a show. Empty stadiums in the group stage games were evident throughout the early weeks, but those have been replaced by full-capacity fixtures throughout the knockout rounds.

Shocks Add To Experience

Betting on the World Cup has been popular throughout the competition at www.arabic-casinos.org, but it has been a traditionally hard competition to make money given the number of shocks that have been evident throughout the competition. However, these shocking results have only made the competition more of an experience and ensures that Qatar 2022 will never be forgotten. Argentina’s defeat against Saudi Arabia will also rank high among the biggest upsets in World Cup history, while Japan’s memorable run which included victories against Spain and Germany is one that offers the belief that an Asian country may one day win the World Cup.

However, the underdog of the tournament can’t be any other nation than Morocco. Following Qatar’s early elimination, Morocco was supported by many of the home fans, and the nation created history by becoming the first African team to reach the last four. A day for an African World Cup win may be edging closer.


The World Cup in Qatar will be forever remembered as one of the safest in recent generations, with the majority of fans that attended having favorable memories. However, there are still those that believe the nation needs to continue to modernize, with the strict LGBTQ+ rules enough to put off a huge chunk of the football family.