Haunted by images of her uncle who died

News 7 September, 2017
  • Photo courtesy Julie Deslauriers
    Images circulating on the internet show the violence of the impact on the passenger side of the car red. Patrick Perron, age 40, died on the spot. He has had no luck.

    Antoine Lacroix

    Wednesday, September 6, 2017 22:15

    Wednesday, September 6, 2017 22:15

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    The young driver involved in the fatal collision that occurred Tuesday at Waterloo is haunted by images of his uncle who died at his side, and now lives with a feeling of guilt.

    “It is so much under the shock, he asked what he could do to avoid the truck. In his head, it is his fault. But everyone said that it would not have been able to do anything, ” says the mother of the motorist, Mélanie Perron.

    The accident occurred on North street at about 17: 15 on Tuesday, when Jeffrey Croteau had just finished his shift at Tim Hortons in Waterloo.

    His Honda Civic was hit head-on the platform of a flatbed truck that was reversing out of the parking lot of a trade. The passenger of 40 years, Patrick Perron, died on the spot.

    “Jeffrey is out to go rescue my brother, but he never woke up, not. He never spoke more. It was finished… It was not nice to see, ” says Ms. Perron also shaken by the events.

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    Patrick Perron

    Violent impact

    Images circulating on the internet show the violence of the impact against the passenger side of the car red.

    “He has had no luck. It is very difficult to watch [as an image] and especially to live, ” says the sister of the victim.

    The young man of 19 years came out of it unscathed. He and the driver of the truck, which would be in the thirties, were transported to the hospital for nervous shock.

    “Jeffrey has a little bit of a sore neck, but he can’t sleep. It doesn’t stop seeing flashes of the accident, ” says Ms. Perron.


    Jeffrey Croteau and Patrick Perron were very close, ” she says.

    “They were best friends. They spent a lot of time together. Patrick was the confidant of Jeffrey, ” says the mother of the young man, who had his license for a year.

    Patrick Perron lived with his sister since the death of their mother, there is a little more than a year.

    “He lived hard things “, seems to indicate.

    “But he loved life, it was a good living,” says his sister, who has good memories of him.

    Ms. Perron wants the driver of the truck. According to her, it did not recede in a safe manner and there should have been someone who took care of the traffic so that it can move backward without risk.

    Investigators at the scene of a collision of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) have been dispatched on Tuesday evening in order to be able to establish the exact causes and circumstances of the accident.

    “All the assumptions are still being studied “, pointed out Daniel Thibodeau, a spokesman for the SQ.

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