Havre-Saint-Pierre: the political crisis surrounding the increase in the tax account continues

News 13 March, 2018
  • Alexandre Cantin

    Tuesday, 13 march 2018 13:03

    Tuesday, 13 march 2018 13:03

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    HAVRE-SAINT-PIERRE, The pressure is greater on the mayor of Havre-Saint-Pierre, Berchmans Boudreau, in order that he hand in his resignation. Four councillors are threatening to leave.

    A public meeting of the city council was held Monday evening in Havre-Saint-Pierre. The mayor shone by its absence. It would be a period of reflection on its political future, according to the four councillors present.

    There are 12 days, the man claimed he was yet his will to remain in position and be part of the solution to the dissatisfaction of citizens about tax increases and the financial situation of the municipality. The elect who remain realize that due to the popular dissatisfaction, the proper functioning of the municipality is compromised if the mayor remains.

    “At the level of the mayor, a wall has been installed. Each project or proposal will be blocked. It is a shame to see it like that,” said the deputy mayor Jimmy Flower.

    Questioned on the intention of the councillors to resign if the mayor remains in office, he stated that “it is not at a personal level […] it is really at the level of the management of the municipality it is up against a wall”.

    Attached to the phone, Berchmans Boudreau has confirmed to be a period of reflection, but refused to comment on the situation and specify at what time it will decide on its political future.

    In addition, the municipality has not yet determined the tax increase that will be applied this year. The city council had first announced an increase to 19 % and then change its mind and set the increase at 10 %, this has not calmed the anger of the citizens.

    To pay its municipal employees and pay its debt, the line of credit the municipality has been increased to $2 million.

    The deputy mayor indicated that he wanted the tax rate to be fixed by the end of march, to enable the municipality to send the tax account to the citizens. The municipality is supported by the ministry of municipal Affairs and land Occupancy in this situation.

    This controversy has already caused the resignation of a councillor. Another elect announced that he would resign. If the mayor leaves, there will be only four elected to the Council, which represents the minimum number of elected members required for quorum and maintain the operation of the municipal council.