He arrived from 2021 to warn us about the future. Sad news…(photo, video)

Techno 27 December, 2017

2017-12-27 11:11

He arrived from 2021 to warn us about the future. Sad news…(photo, video)
Time traveler or a lunatic?

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Time travel is one of the largest trends in the genre of science fiction, reports Rus.Media. On this subject was written thousands of books and filmed dozens of films, and a pioneer of the genre can safely assume that British writer H. G. wells with his book “the time Machine”.

Mankind has always been interested in what’s ahead, what awaits us next year? And five years from now? It’s interesting to see come true if your dreams, the world looks like the future as it is described by science fiction and corny want to know the results of all sporting events. And, you can in the past to fly.

Recently appeared on YouTube a video with a guy who claims that he came from the future.

The guy who called himself Noah, says that he arrived in our time from 2028 to warn us about the future, which, of course, rainbow would not be.

So, in order. First, Noah said that Donald trump will be reelected in 2020, although before that moment to piss off half of Americans and almost the entire world.

Artificial intelligence will reach great results in self-development, and humanity will spend more time in virtual reality. This will help us a special device such as Google Glass.

According to Noah, now is to invest in renewable energy. In the future electric cars will be able drive about a thousand kilometers on a single charge.

“I have no purpose to deceive anyone. I want to stress that my only goal is to prove to you that time travel is real. Moreover, I am a time traveler” — says Noah.

According to Noah, he’s 50 years old but he looks 25 thanks to anti-aging drugs. He in 2021, he just got fired, and he suffers from anorexia and depression. He also claims that the time machine was invented back in 2003, but it’s only used by a secret organization, but in sharing this technology will be only in 2028.

The channel that published the video, gave the guy $ 700 ostensibly in order to help him adapt to our time. Although, why to adapt, it is not clear, the difference is only four years.

Unfortunately, Noah did without any shocking statements, for example, on any major conflicts or important discoveries. Haven’t even told me who will win the world Cup in Russia. And everything else, is not new and not surprising.

You believe the guy or not is up to you. What do you say?