He bequeathed more than $ 500,000 for the fight against poverty

News 14 January, 2018
  • Photo Marie-Ève Dumont
    Henri Conard in front of the house which he bequeathed to the Fondation Sainte-Croix/Heriot.

    Marie-Eve Dumont

    Sunday, 14 January 2018 01:00

    Sunday, 14 January 2018 01:00

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    Shocked by the disparity of wealth in the world, Henri Conard has bequeathed his home and nearly a half-million in investments to organizations, as he has always lived simply on a small farm in the eastern Townships.

    “He has travelled much in the backpack with a small tent. It went not bad everywhere in the world. He was struck by the human misery. He felt privileged, ” says Maurice Richard, a friend of the deceased and is responsible for his estate.

    This is no doubt because he was very concerned about the poverty that he has given us the gift of 534 000 $ for Centraide of Greater Montreal, says his friend. The organization supports organizations fighting against poverty and exclusion.


    Photo Marie-Ève Dumont

    Maurice Richard, the friend and executor of the estate of Mr. Conard.

    “I was surprised, as a lot of people that it would have such a fortune. He was happy in the simplicity, ” remembers Richard.

    Of French origin, Mr. Conard was born during the Second world War.

    “He knew the value of money, he spent not for nothing,” says Huguette Manseau, his companion of the last 10 years, by which it was supported in his desire to bequeath his assets to foundations.

    Mr. Conard arrived in Quebec in mid-winter in 1968. He returned to France five years later, to finally return in 1977, tells of Mrs. Manseau.

    Seduced by the landscape

    He has worked in Montreal, but he was looking for a small corner of the earth.

    It is installed in a farmhouse in the small town of Ulverton, in Estrie, with his wife of the time.

    “He has been seduced by the landscape,” recalls his friend.

    Mr. Conard has been a teacher of aviation at the airport of Saint-Hubert, who had done his military service in France in the army of the air.

    He has always remained in her house after her divorce and until the disease forces him to go into a hospice. He died at the age of 72 from cancer of the intestine at the end of the year 2015.

    A man of conviction

    It is this property that has been sold for a little over $ 140,000 for the Fondation Sainte-Croix/Heriot, which raises money to improve health care in the region of Drummondville.

    “He went to the Hôpital Sainte-Croix for his health care, he said that the staff was very dedicated. It has also always been impressed by our health-care system in Quebec “, said Mr. Richard.

    Mr. Conard was a lover of the earth, he had even tried for a few years to live in self-sufficiency on her small farm. The protection of the environment was also much to heart.

    “I can still see him in his garden. He has always had a respect for nature and a concern for others “, said Ms. Manseau.