He did not want the death of a police

News 26 January, 2018
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    Anatoly Vdovin

    Michael Nguyen

    Friday, 26 January, 2018 20:35

    Friday, 26 January, 2018 20:35

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    A Montrealer accused of having put a price on the head of a police officer has managed to sow doubt in the mind of the jury, which ultimately acquitted after a day of deliberations.

    “Not guilty “, was launched, the jury, on Friday at the palace of justice.

    With these two words, Anatoly Vdovin has been released from the charge of having advised the murder of Ian Lafrenière, spokesman for the Montreal police.

    Photo Chantal Poirier

    Ian Lafrenière. Police officer

    The pursuit was nevertheless convinced of his guilt. For her, there was no doubt that this 48 year old man was brought online two small ads in April 2013.

    “Wanted dead “, said the ad with a short description of the police officer. A photo of the police officer Lafrenière during a press conference, with a red dot added to the front, was worn by the ads offering a $ 1000 reward.

    Following their investigation, the police arrested Vdovin. They then found the image of the ad in his laptop.

    But during the trial, the accused had sworn that he was aware of nothing. Vdovin, who is defended by mr. Fabio Dell’aquila, had explained that his partners also used his computer.

    This testimony seems to have managed to sow doubt among the jurors. For that Vdovin was guilty, the jury had to be convinced that it was also the intention that a person will commit the murder.

    The legal problems of Vdovin, however, are not ended, since it suffers at the same time a trial for arms trafficking.