He finds his dog he did not want to be treated

News 24 August, 2017
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    Rocco will return finally to its original owner and not to those who have paid for the treatment.

    Stephanie Gendron

    Wednesday, 23 August 2017 20:24

    Wednesday, 23 August 2017 20:24

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    MATANE | The owner of a puppy who refused to pay for the treatment because it was believed to be condemned, however, has fought a long battle to get custody after that knowledge had paid almost 1000 $ to put it back on its legs.

    For months, Joseph Santini fought with Réjean Ouellet and his wife Line Paradise to get property of Rocco, a rottweiler/labrador.

    To the point where, like in the movies, an agreement was made to exchange the dog against the money that had cost Rocco to care for her in a court of shopping centre in the Bas-Saint-Laurent. The transaction was ultimately aborted at the last minute.

    The story begins in November 2016 when Rocco, who was a few months old, falls ill. Its owner, Joseph Santini, would not pay for the treatment, because he feared a parvovirus, and it was estimated by experience that the treatment would be ineffective.


    It has, however, accepted that Line Paradise do care for Rocco, who is quickly back on its legs. The veterinary bill has reached 966 $.

    Ms. Paradis and Mr. Ouellet were then taken of affection for the puppy and had mentioned to Mr. Santini that they wished to keep, because they argue that it is thanks to them if the dog survived.

    “I saved the life of a dog, you know. One is occupied. The dog is attached to me, he is love, ” said Line Paradise in the Newspaper.

    Meanwhile, two of the 13 puppies of the same litter that Rocco dies and another disappears.

    Mr. Santini refuses to give the dog to the couple and sends a friend to plead his cause with Ms. Paradis and Mr. Ouellet, but without success. Nearly a month later, Joseph Santini shall summon the couple to go get Rocco, and calls for 6000 $ of damage.

    Shopping Centre

    Discussions between the lawyers allow, finally, to organise an exchange. In February, Mr. Ouellet and Paradis agree to return the dog and Mr. Santini is willing to reimburse the costs of treatment.

    The transaction must be done in the parking lot of a shopping centre of Matane, but the couple changes their mind at the last minute because of the location chosen. He feared a complaint for money laundering.

    Rocco was subsequently seized and the court shall appoint a guardian court to host the dog while waiting for a decision from the judge. Joseph Santini is seen when the same every day. He brings him home in the morning and back to the keeper in the evening.

    The court finally concludes five months later that Joseph Santini is the rightful owner of the dog. The judge Lucie Morissette considers that it must, however, pay the costs of certain care provided to the animal in the interval, for a total of almost $2000.

    For its part, the couple must pay a compensation of $ 500 to Mr. Santini to have private Rocco’s for several months, as well as the costs of justice.

    Disappointed, Ms. Paradise resigns himself to accepting the decision of the judge. “The “cennes”, I do not intend to. All that mattered was the lives and well-being of the dog. At least, he had the safe life. “

    Mr. Santini has preferred not to comment.