He gives his Christmas gift to homeless people and gets a surprise

News 17 December, 2017
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    Sunday, December 17, 2017 15:53

    Sunday, December 17, 2017 15:59

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    A little boy of nine years who has elected to receive 30 blankets to give to homeless for Christmas has finally received a big surprise on Saturday.

    The child was offered a X-Box for his grandmother, but the young man in Beachwood, Ohio, has rather wanted to use the 300 $ to buy blankets for homeless people, reported the CNN.

    The story is finally coming to the ears of Microsoft, which has decided to donate a game console to the young Mikah Frye.

    The grandmother of the boy has told the us media that his family has already been through a difficult period.

    “He knows what it is, not to have a cover at night for sleeping, said Terry Brant. When he lent it to a covered, he had to return to it later. Then the first thing he wanted to do was to give a blanket that they could keep.”

    Store employees, Microsoft also offered several games and accessories for the young Mikah so that he can fully enjoy his gift.