He helps his wife to give birth in the middle of the living room

News 26 January, 2018
  • Photo Simon Clark
    Pregnant 40 weeks and 4 days (and a few days of a trip), Luana Barbosa de Souza has put the world’s Laura in the middle of the family living room, assisted by her husband Marcos Fernandes, Durval. Chloe, almost two years, was sleeping in his room.

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    Friday, 26 January, 2018 00:00

    Friday, 26 January, 2018 00:00

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    A couple of Brazilians residing in Neufchatel had a little adventure common the end of last week, while the father of the family has had to help his wife deliver the baby in the middle of the living room, their little Laura being too anxious to be born.

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    “We do not expect it, that our spouse we give birth !” lance Luana Barbosa de Souza, who gave birth to the second daughter of the couple on January 20, around 2: 47 in the morning, in the family residence.

    Decidedly, the new-born are in a hurry to point the tip of the nose in the region these days. As reported in The Journal Monday, Véronique Lavallée gave birth at home on the floor of the bathroom, assisted by his spouse, January 14, in Lévis.

    In the night from Friday to Saturday, the intense pain began suddenly to Mrs de Souza. But since her contractions were very far apart – about 10 to 15 minutes, she has preferred to wait a bit at home before going to the hospital, despite the fact that a nurse at the end of the thread he was advised to attend.

    “I said to myself : I’m going to take my bath, prepare snacks, it’s going to be okay… But I had not thought of that in an hour, my daughter was going to be in my arms ! “says the 32-year old woman.

    “I saw his head “

    When she was finally on the doorstep, ready to go at CHUL with her husband, she felt that the small was not prepared to wait to bring the road up to the hospital. “I said :’ Call an ambulance, it will come to the world out there’,” says the mom.

    “I thought she was exaggerating a little. I removed his pants… It was true, I saw the beginning of his head ! “says Marcos Fernandes, Durval, the husband of Mrs. de Souza. “It was necessary to give birth on the floor of the living room ; me, I was just waiting for it to grow so that the baby kind. “

    Accompanied by the godmother of their first daughter, who had just arrived, they called 911. The operator guided. It all happened very, very quickly. “I had an hour of work. After four thrusts, the little one was output, ” said the mother.


    Are then arrived at the house police officers and then paramedics. Fortunately, the baby – who cried in the first few seconds – and the mother were doing well. They have taken the path of the CHUL to be good hands, to the great relief of the father.

    “I have not had the choice. We were lucky. This is really something I would say of the divine made sure that everything went well and that there had been no complications, ” says the man, an employee of Desjardins, who points out that you have no knowledge on the subject. “I work in the computer field. I am familiar with the machines, not babies “, rigole-t-il.

    “It was incredible,” says Ms de Souza, who points out the calmness and the composure shown by his love. If the couple is expecting a third child, the father is adamant on one point. “It’s going to take organizing to arrive at the hospital a little earlier !” concludes Mr. Durval.

    The two councils of the 911 received at the end of the wire by the father…

    “Be mindful, and get a good position for me to ensure that I don échapperais not to the baby when he would come out, because it is very slippery! “

    “Put the baby on the belly of her mom and to cover it with a blanket so that he does not loses its heat. “

    The council of dad…

    “It went well, we were lucky, but it is something that I do not recommend to anyone; do not waste time for you to go to the hospital! “