He is now offering$ 50,000 for his stolen items

News 23 August, 2017
  • Magalie Lapointe

    Tuesday, 22 August, 2017 18:35

    Tuesday, 22 August, 2017 18:35

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    A rich collector in montreal a victim of a theft of objects that are very rare, including jewelry that belonged to Marilyn Monroe, a ball signed by Babe Ruth and a hat worn by John Lennon, has increased the reward it offers 5,000 to $ 50,000 for anyone who would help him to recover his property.

    “These objects are irreplaceable. I don’t have the money, I am completely devastated. It makes no sense, I have nothing left, everything has been stolen, ” says Daniel De Varennes

    Unique Collection

    According to the collector, most objects have unique stories. As the guitar brand Gibson Firebird 1976, which belonged to Joe Perry of the group Aerosmith. The musician had not kept it as it was sliding always of her shoulder.

    A book of Tintin very rare, black and white, a baseball signed in the 1930s by Babe Ruth, thousands of cards of hockey of the years 1910 to 1972, several of which are worth $ 1000 unit, a piece of coal from the Titanic ship, more than 300 items from the Second world War, including at least one helmet from each division in germany, are part of the objects stolen.

    If the list is very long, the sentimental value of his collection is invaluable.

    “I have 500 letters written by a soldier to his mother during the Second world War. They were intact, I had begun to translate the text. I wanted to make a book with it, ” said the collector.

    Lack of security

    M. De Varennes has moved to a new building on the street, Bates, Town of Mount-Royal, a year ago.

    This luxurious building includes a sixty condos. Since it is recent, the surveillance system is not yet developed and the security is not optimal.

    On July 30, thieves entered and robbed several residents. He does not believe that its collection was referred to.

    The man, who has filed a complaint with the police in the aftermath of the flight, can no longer be ignored by the authorities so that, two weeks after the theft of its objects, no investigator has yet presented to his home.

    “When a hockey player is to steal his watch, you see the police land. Me, I am robbed of my life to the full and since two weeks it sends me to patrol telling me that the investigators are overworked. It’s really frustrating, ” said the victim in anger.