He led the big life at the expense of taxpayers

News 22 July, 2017
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    Magdi Kamel resigned from the hospital of St. Mary in February 2016, while he was suspended from the time of an investigation of irregularities.

    Jean-Louis Fortin

    Saturday, 22 July, 2017 08:00

    Saturday, 22 July, 2017 08:00

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    An ex-executive of the hospital of St. Mary would have greased the paw, at the expense of taxpayers in getting a refund fraudulently over $ 410,000, among others, to buy electronic equipment and gift certificates to stores and restaurants.

    Magdi Kamel, who resigned in February 2016 from his post of director of material resources, has made up its accounts of expenditure for at least six years, according to the allegations of a continuation of the hospital centre in montreal.

    According to the hospital :

    ■ Kamel is issuing checks totaling more than $ 225,000 in public funds, without providing supporting documentation. To achieve its purpose, it would have exploited a flaw in the system of approval of expenses.

    In all, 97 % of the checks associated with these expenditures have been electronically signed, so without a concrete opportunity for the authorized signatories noted the lack of supporting documentation, ” notes the hospital.

    “These applications without supporting documents were presented repeatedly and regularly, every week or two weeks “, adds the hospital.

    ■ It is also reimbursed for over $ 180,000 with the supporting documents, but for purchases that were not related to his work. We are talking here about computer hardware such as the iPad, as well as gift certificates.

    The auditors of the firm PwC, commissioned by the hospital, and have found it particularly suspicious that the “recurrence abnormal” of these purchases and the fact that these were often conducted in the evenings and on the weekend, in shops located in the general area of the personal residence of Kamel.


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    The health facility has received the foreclosure of his home in Kirkland in the west island of Montreal, in the month of October of the same year.

    These revelations are contained in a query submitted by the hospital in superior Court, in 2016, to get all the information on the bank accounts of Kamel. His luxurious residence located in Kirkland had also been seized.

    The CISSS de l’ouest-de-l’île-de-Montréal, which oversees the hospital of St. Mary, did not have the choice to do so given the lack of cooperation of the ex-employee.

    “Shortly after that Kamel has been notified of his suspension for investigative purposes, he chose to resign, and then, through its attorneys, refused to cooperate with the investigation or to meet with PwC “, alleged the institution.

    Transferred to UPAC

    The query has just become public in the wake of a decision of justice Pierre C. Gagnon, after legal proceedings long-term conducted by our Office of investigation. Through his lawyers, Kamel wanted the allegations to his location to remain secret.

    Meanwhile, last April, the hospital withdrew its lawsuit, because it has entered into an agreement out of court with Kamel, the details of which are kept confidential.

    The case has however been transferred to the Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC), which could open a criminal investigation if it deems it appropriate.

    As director of the material resources of St. Mary, Magdi Kamel, was in charge of several contracts for the renovation and purchase of equipment.

    He was a member also of the audit committee of the finance of the hospital and approve the financial reports.

    – With the collaboration of Éric Yvan Lemay


    Here is what the hospital charged her

    “Kamel, due to the position he occupied and the trust that was given, was fraudulently reimbursed for personal expenditures not related to the activities of SMHC, diverting sums totalling $ 410 $ 266 per. “

    “Claims without proof are all for round amounts and under the bar 2000 $ [avoiding the need for a signature “manually” by the authorized signatories, a procedure with a tighter control]. “

    “The nature of the goods purchased has no link with the activities of SMHC [you may appoint as an example, multiple purchases of ipads, computers and other electronic devices, gift certificates to various department stores or restaurants, etc]. “

    The acts alleged against Magdi Kamel allegedly committed between 1 April 2009 and 31 march 2015.

    Source : Petition by the CISSS de l’ouest-de-l’île-de-Montréal in superior Court