He wants a punishment exemplary for the pimp of his daughter

News 23 January, 2018
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    Many teenage girls have left the centre jeunesse de Laval at the beginning of 2016. Some have been recruited by criminals.

    Claudia Berthiaume

    Tuesday, 23 January 2018 01:00

    Tuesday, 23 January 2018 01:00

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    The father of a teenage girl fell into the clutches of a pimp in a wave of fugues at centre jeunesse de Laval is pleased that it has finally admitted his guilt and hope he will spend many years in prison.

    “It takes a sentence example for put in the shade for as long as possible. These guys are killers of souls who destroy the lives of our children, ” said bluntly the father of the family of Laval, of which we are silent about the identity to protect her daughter.

    He fervently hopes that the pimp who “made do things that are disgusting [to his daughter]” spends 10 years behind bars, more than twice the minimum penalty prescribed by law.

    “Otherwise, it will come out and do the same thing on the back of another girl, it’s so lucrative,” said the father of the family.

    This “killer of souls” of which he speaks, it is Jean-Louis Kouadio. The 24-year old man pleaded guilty yesterday to a charge of having recruited and exercised control over a minor so she offers sexual services for consideration-for another ten days.

    The victim, 16-year-old made the acquaintance of the pimp through another young girl attending the centre jeunesse de Laval. It was agreed that the ado fuguerait to reach Kouadio during an outing in January 2016.


    Jean-Louis Kouadio, Guilty


    1800 $ in a day

    The girl, whose pimp had offered sexual services on sites of escorts, had to receive repeat customers in condos and hotels of Laval and Montreal. The step is then continued for a week in Toronto, before the police the traces.

    Kouadio has bought new clothes to the girl, taking care of eliminating the ones that she wore during her escape, mediated by the police of Laval.

    She had to hand over all his earnings to his pimp, of which she was madly in love with, according to what the Crown prosecutor has told the judge, Marc-André Dagenais, at the palace of justice in Laval.

    During a day, the victim has even given up to 1800 $ to Kouadio.

    “Under its spell “

    “She was completely under his grip. He had promised to marry her, to give her a big ring when she would come out of the youth centre “, has detailed Me Karine Dalphond yesterday.

    Detained since may 2016, Jean-Louis Kouadio will return to court next month for submissions on sentence. Now major, the victim works full time and no longer has any link with the criminal environment.

    This was not the first time that Kouadio handled a minor way. In September 2015, he demanded that another teen from the youth centre is a prostitute to his account in a Montreal hotel during a weekend. He also pleaded guilty to the charge yesterday.