He wins a million and dies

News 1 February, 2018
  • Photo taken from Facebook
    The lack of means, Donald Savastano (left) is a long time private physician.

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    Thursday, 1 February 2018 21:25

    Thursday, 1 February 2018 21:25

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    Thanks to the million he had just won the lottery, an American has been able to consult a doctor for the first time in years. He discovered that he had cancer and died 20 days later.

    “This is going to change our lives,” said Donald Savastano to the tv station WBNG in coming to recover, the 4 of January last, a cheque of one million US won through the scratch game ” Merry Millionaire “.

    This carpenter new york 51-year-old planned to use the money to ensure a happy retirement, in addition to a few small pleasures.

    “I’m going to probably buy me a new truck and maybe go on vacation “, spoke the man, whose perfectionism and love of work were the admiration of his relatives.


    But the first thing that Mr. Savastano decided to do with this money was to consult a doctor.

    “He had no insurance and was not feeling well for a while,” explained to ABC Danielle Scott, an employee of the store where Donald Savastano bought the winning ticket.

    In the doctor’s office, Donald Savastano had to face a terrible news : he had cancer.

    “One of his friends explained to me that he had cancer of the brain and lung and that he could not get away, said Danielle Scott. I was hoping that with this money he could save himself. “


    But the million was not enough. The man passed away 23 days after you have hit the jackpot without having been able to take advantage of the holiday he had dreamed of.

    Donald Savastano leaves behind his girlfriend, Julie Wheeler, with whom he shared his life in the small town of Sidney, near New York city, as well as the two boys of Mrs. Wheeler.

    In the United States, the death of Mr. Savastano has reignited the debate on the question of health insurance.

    On social networks, Americans are indignant that the man had to wait to win the lottery to be able to afford to see a doctor.

    “The costs are outrageous our health care system to prevent people like Donald Savastano receive the care they need “, said on Twitter the democratic candidate for the House of representatives, Gareth Rhodes.