He would have killed his brother for a debt of $3000

News 16 January, 2018
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    Alain Primeau was arrested three hours after he had allegedly killed his brother. He had been accused at the courthouse in Sorel-Tracy.

    Carl Vaillancourt

    On Tuesday 16 January 2018 17:51

    On Tuesday 16 January 2018 17:51

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    SOREL-TRACY | A man allegedly murdered his brother with a hunting weapon because it had $ 3000 to his son.

    On September 3, 2011, Alain Primeau, 45 years old at the time, lived at Sorel, in the company of his son, Pascal Primeau, 18, and his brother Richard Primeau, his wife and their three children.

    At around 18: 30, Alain Primeau would have taken his gun, a Winchester Magnum calibre .300, rifle primarily used for hunting large game, and then would be mounted on the ground-floor of the family home.

    He would have then pulled a ball to his brother, Richard Primeau, who was in the living room. The latter died before being transported to the hospital.

    Alain Primeau is currently undergoing his trial for premeditated murder before a jury at the courthouse in Sorel. The Court of appeal had ordered a new trial for the man.


    According to the son of the accused, Pascal Primeau, who testified yesterday, her father confessed to her murder in the moments that followed the gunshot.

    “I saw him with his gun in his hands. I asked him what he had done. He told me that he had been shot in the heart of my uncle. I went up to the top. I saw my uncle lying on the ground bleeding, ” explained Pascal Primeau.

    According to the latter, Richard Primeau, he had borrowed $ 3000 dollars over the last 18 months. According to Pascal Primeau, this is the reason why his father would have killed his uncle.

    Man of 25 would have reported to his father before the tragedy that his aunt had asked him the sum of $ 300 to pay the invoice to Hydro-Québec. The same morning, his uncle had also asked for $ 40 without particular reasons. Pascal Primeau had refused several times to give him what he asked for.

    However, Alain Primeau would have warned his son that the money requested by his aunt was actually his uncle can play in the slot machines and buy the beer.

    It is at this time that Alain Primeau allegedly threatened to kill his brother Richard Primeau in front of her son.

    “I’ll shoot him a bullet in the head if he does not stop you to ask for money,” reported Pascal Primeau during his testimony.