Hearthstone: Iron Arm of the yellow brick road

Techno 4 November, 2016

hearthstone-bras-de-fer-magicien-d-ozA new Iron Arm is available this week in the hostel. Complex and fun it is to consume without moderation.
Since their inception Blizzard , developers of Hearthstone , have always retained a real essence around their games. Unbeatable magic formula of creating complex and effective games while mingling a certain dose of humor and inspiration from popular culture. The adventure “A Night in Karazhan” out there several months ago was one of the most successful examples, inspired by classic tales such as that of Little Red Riding Hood or the Wizard of Oz . The Iron Arm this week is also once again a clever reference to the book of Lyman Frank Baum , inviting you on the Yellow Brick Road .

A rather surprising Warlock list
You and your opponent play here alongside Dorothy , the heroine of this tale for children. Your game board is divided into two parts, the servants being placed on one to see then grant the capacity load while others have for their part Provocation . You need to win select ten cards, your deck will be composed of three copies of each. We have our next test a Warlock deck , relatively balanced it allows to easily take your parts while reserving a few fun surprises. A conventional booster will be offered when you win your first game of Iron Arm so enjoy. What strategy did you approach your side?