Hearthstone: Tars announces his new team

Techno 17 November, 2016

tars-honor-league-hearthstoneOur former player Hearthstone, Tars, announced yesterday the new structure he decided to join.
On November 1 was the last day of activity melty eSports Club as we know. Players still attached to our banner were free to take a new direction and our last representative on Hearthstone, Rémi “Tars” Roesch, has finally started writing after his adventures . These are happening as a brand new banner, in a structure that has just emerge and which had so far in its ranks a Overwatch team which is also part moonL, former captain of the team melty. Moreover, it is through him that has made the arrival of Tars in Sydioda , as we told the principal party, contacted for the occasion: “Shortly after the closing of melty eSports Club I was approached by moonL, who asked me to join him in a new team ” , he has explained.

Sydioda, Hearthstone, logo
Sydioda before it essentially on Overwatch, benefits from the arrival of Tars to open its Hearthstone section.
“I loved the adventure melty. In just one year it has built something great. It pleases me very much to be there from the start of a project to get involved with the team and reaching the highest level rather than join a team already well established ” , he has told us . His comments therefore explain its choice not to join an existing team , as were able to do his former teammates, who have respectively joined BeGenius for Tixuty, or Millenium for Vinz. Tars is therefore launching Sydioda on Hearthstone , since it is the first player to represent his structure. “Today I want to start an adventure of this style, almost from scratch with the ambition to reach the European top. I think my experience with melty allow me to carry out this project and that we can live a professional and sustainable eSport adventure in Sydioda ” . That’s all we want him. What do you think of this choice?