Hearthstone: The first 64 cards Hands Over Gadgetzan

Techno 15 November, 2016

blizzard-blizzcon-hearthstone-gadgetzan-extensionAlmost half of the cards of the future extension Hearthstone were unveiled.
It was during the BlizzCon 2016 that developers Hearthstone have revealed the title of their next expansion. Entitled “Hands Over Gadgetzan” , it invites you to take part in the gang war is all the rage in the shallows of Gadgetzan . Therefore the players are regularly invited to visit the official website of Hearthstone to vote for the next card they want to see revealed. This is then highlighted by an influential player of the game, Esport player or leader.

To date it is almost half of the 132 provided which have already been disclosed. We find the first legendary, including that of Paladin, Hunter, Rogue and Druid but also the tri-class cards . They feature an emblem below their mana cost and indicate which classes will be allowed to use them. It will nevertheless wait to see all the cards in order to estimate the real potential of each. What do you think of this new expansion?