Hearthstone: Top 5 legendary “Welcome to Gadgetzan”

Techno 2 December, 2016

hearthstone-blizzard-gadgetzan-kabale-lotusThe new extension Hearthstone finally out, the first boosters were opened. But what will be the most powerful legendary?
Several hours after the release of the expansion “Welcome to Gadgetzan” first decks archetypes have been possible. Players will have the opportunity to open their first booster to start the first few theorycrafting and decks already apparent as future archetypes in the meta. Here is a Top 5 – almost six – of our favorite legendary cards in this expansion.

Six legends who have already found their place

Aya Black Paw is a legendary servant to Jade Lotus service , which means that we shall find in decks Rogue, Shaman and Druid. It takes advantage of the formidable mechanical golems Jade. These servants gain power as and when the party each time one of them is invoked. The first will be a 1/1, a 2/2 second, the third a 3/3. Aya is a tower with 6 5/3 statistics, it consitutes a relatively small body, very similar to a heart-True Senshi for example. Nevertheless it allows to invoke two golems of jade, a arriving on the battlefield and the other dying. This has the effect of load twice the famous mechanical golems while providing a solid ride on the battlefield, able to invoke an even more powerful servant to his death.
Kazakus is itself the servant class Multi-Kabale. Legendary first revealed in this extension it allows to create a custom sort by mixing two potions. The player can choose the mana cost, 1, 5 or 10, and mix potions two devastating to get out of the most difficult situations. With a body of 3/3 to 4 Kazakus can thus be played relatively early in the game but also be useful on the end that can be played and a potion to 5 at the same time. He turns to the decks Mage, Warlock and Priest and yet demand that the player has no duplicate cards in his deck.
Are there many debating Regard de Nacre ? This servant for the Shaman does not really have any faults. With a body of 5/5 for 5 with Provocation can already be considered viable. But at his death he places the card “Guardian of storms” in your deck. This map is nothing less than a provocation for 10/10 5 mana, what net stop threats aggros the boldest. Moreover, Regard de Nacre perfectly advantage of the mechanical Barnes, while allowing you to place two “guardian of storms” in your deck. So expect to see there arises a Portal of the Mage Firelands!
The Sergeant Sally ‘s kind of our heart stroke in this extension of the special place that it is in the deck Handlock, of Warlock focus on the endgame. Even though it may seem innocuous, stats 1/1 for 3 mana crystals, its potential can quickly be devastating. At his death, the gendarmette inflicts damage equal to her attack all enemy minions. A formidable combo that proves if coupled with overwhelming power. For four crystals and two cards so you can inflict damage to five enemy plateau.
We placed Neunoeil the Pirate and Hobart Grapplehammer in one basket for a very simple reason, they both serve well the interests of the Pirate Warrior. This extremely aggro release benefits from the presence of pirates and a large number of weapons to inflict very quickly a lot of damage to the opponent. Initial tests have already been carried out and this new version of Warrior absolutely proves devastating, can destroy the opponent in just a few rounds if the response is not to go! What are your favorite legends of this extension?