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Entertainment, Techno 20 July, 2017


Hélène Sy pushed a rant on the social networks. Attacked, she and her husband, Omar Sy, racist, calls for the removal of the tweets published by a man introducing himself as the director of service of the DGSE and member of the national Front.

Can we do something with @TwitterFrance against the race of assholes that are racist, xenophobic ? Because it fills up here ! Thank you in advance ! “. This is the claim that Helena Sy following a racist tweet, using a picture of her and her husband, Omar Sy.

On Twitter, a certain Frédéric Duilhac has posted the following message: The mixing of races is an abomination on the plan of the Divine Creation. “ The man in question is described in his biography as the director of service of the DGSE and member of the national Front. Hélène Sy is distressed that the man can write racist comments on the social network by using, in addition, the photo of the couple as an illustration.

The wife of the actor of’the Untouchables responded by asking the management of Twitter in France, accompanying his tweet of the rules of the social platform digital. This indicates that the users do not have the right to ” attack or threaten others, or to incite violence against them on the basis of the following criteria : race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease.

His wife, Omar Sy has not his tongue in his pocket when it comes to expressing his anger on certain subjects. The number 1 in the hearts of the French did not hesitate, during the presidential election, to denounce the attitude of the media who focused more on the “horns ” that carry hate speech rather than address the problems of the suburbs.

you can do sth with @TwitterFrance against the race of assholes that are racist , xenophobes ? because ca is full here ! thank you in advance ! https://t.co/zHyXVkIMlz

Helena Sy (@HeleneSy) July 19, 2017

I do not write in this despicable character but @TwitterFrance who needs to take their responsibilities as they engage in it here pic.twitter.com/RbWRrOD1MZ

Helena Sy (@HeleneSy) July 19, 2017Omar SyHelene Sy

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