Here is the line of marriage can tell us about your personal life!

Techno 26 March, 2018

2017-03-28 09:05

Here is the line of marriage can tell us about your personal life!
Many women want to know what will be the marriage and when they marry.

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Palmists suggest to learn it on the arm. Of course, to determine the important details, it is better to consult a specialist (if you believe in palmistry).

But some basics can be read in this article. How to guess?

If you are right handed, guessing need on the right hand. On the left – if you are left handed.

Search on the palm line located on of the rib eye of the palm just under the pinky.

This is the marriage line. There may be several, but this does not mean that legal marriage you will have for a lifetime. Everything is in order.

In palmistry marriage line indicates primarily not on the marriage itself and on relationships with the opposite sex. The number of these lines from the little finger means the number of regular partners.

The value of the line of marriage – a love affair with your elected representatives, their duration, character and result. Length, clarity, width, special characters and more talk about the fate of every relationship.

Characteristics of the Long marriage line in the palm says about long-term relationships. If the line on the palm is short, this relationship is short-lived, however, this does not mean that she was unhappy.

The width and clarity of the line – a sign of happiness. If it is clearly defined, and while still wide, is a clear sign of a happy and passionate Union. If marriage line is barely visible and itself is very thin, this Union was not sincere feelings, or love was “one-sided”.

Special signs On the nature and quality of relationships will tell you special signs on your palms. If the line of marriage crosses the line of heart is a bad sign. This arrangement of lines indicates widowhood.

If marriage line goes down even lower and the line comes to mind, it is a sign of physical abuse and tough relations between the partners.

The asterisk on the line of marriage is happiness, loyalty and mutual respect. If the line of marriage is forked at the end, it predicts divorce. If on this line there are Islands – it is a sign of difficult relations, the permanent quarrels and conflicts between partners.

If the line is interrupted, and then continues again, then the relationship will end, then again to resume. children

Line of marriage in palmistry, you can also see the number of children, reports Rus.Media.

Children are identified on the palm vertical short spikes coming from the line of marriage. These lines and judge which relationships will have children and how many of them will.

Infidelity, divorce

If parallel with the line of marriage is a small short line, it is evidence of treason. But, as a rule, it may mean just a short love affair before marriage or after it. The real treason is identifiable by the line of marriage, which seemed wrapped around another barely noticeable line. Simply put, if the line of marriage on the hand is another wavy line, this is a clear sign of infidelity.

If the line of marriage down depart a little short of the line (it is important not to confuse with lines children), this indicates frustration in family life or in a relationship.

If the line of marriage is a cross, it is a sign of the impossibility of continuing the relationship. This can be interpreted as a divorce, but for reasons that are independent of both spouses.