Here is the PlayStation 4 Pro disassembled by Sony

Techno 12 November, 2016

ps4Curious to see the bowels of the PlayStation 4 Pro? The director of its mechanical design, Keiichi Aoki, has disassembled the screw by screw system.

All questions concerning the components of the PlayStation 4 Pro will essentially answered by watching the video above, while the engineer identifies and explains their value individually, as and when it removes them from the carcass.

To our knowledge, this is the first time that an official Sony product video showing one of its disassembled consoles. The company had participated in a similar video in 2013 , in collaboration with the magazine Wired , in the launch of the original PlayStation 4.

With a little luck, maybe Microsoft will imitate its competitor at the launch of the Scorprio, knowing that anyway iFixit always eventually disassemble the product sooner or later.