Here is what the correspondent of the New York Times has made it to Quebec

News 20 March, 2018
  • Photo taken from Facebook
    The correspondent of the New York Times in Montreal, Dan Bilefsky

    Marie-Renée Grondin

    Tuesday, 20 march 2018, 10:59

    Tuesday, 20 march 2018, 10:59

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    The new correspondent for the New York Times in Montreal, Dan Bilefsky has undertaken a tour of Quebec, and to learn to rediscover the “belle province”, he who has lived abroad for the last 30 years. Here is what he has done in the Old Capital…

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    A stay at the Chateau Frontenac



    The correspondent of the New York Times stayed at the Chateau Frontenac where he seems to have enjoyed the view and the lotion hydradante!

    A glass or Two 22


    The correspondent of the New York Times stopped at Two 22 he refers to as “bar husky playing hits of the 80s” with his sidekick, the “one man band”, a journalist, videographer, photographer, driver, cultural ambassador, interpreter of joual, a psychotherapist and a former student of the program of the journalist of the City, University of London, Jasmine Lavoie.

    A meal with a Rioux and Pettigrew


    Dan Bilefsky said to have spent a “fun evening in this “bistro quebec friendly”, a place that was recommended by several readers. If he claims to have loved the duck breast, its entry “microscopic” was instead left on his hunger. “The fish looked like minnows. The portions in Quebec are generally gigantic”, he wrote.

    And another Case is ketchup


    If he has indicated on Facebook that he would stop in the Case is ketchup to meet his “chiefs inventive”, the journalist has not yet been written on this table of the district of Saint-Roch. It was, however, entrusted to the FM93 that he had enjoyed the atmosphere. “The people danced. It was very eaten very well. I was very impressed”, he said.

    A head-to-head with Jeff Fillion


    The correspondent was also told that he had met “Jeff Fillion, a pale copy of polarizing quebec of Rush Limbaugh”, a radio host american at the helm of the talk show radio the most listened to across the country. Limbaugh is known for his outspokenness and his conservative positions.

    Dan Bilefsky said to have been “much criticized” for his meeting with Jeff Fillion. “Jeff Fillion has a lot of people who follow him, and if I wanted to understand the Quebec, it is worth engaging with everyone […] Jeff Fillion said that he had nothing to do with racism. It is a libertarian that says the markets open. He made his speech. He has the right to defend themselves and journalistiquement it must be balanced and hear all sides,” he also told the FM93.

    He has given an interview to Eve-Martie Lortie at FM93


    At the moment, the corresponding Québec from @nytimes, @DanBilefsky is in the studio with us ! It is passing through the region for a series of stories.

    📻 | #FM93

    — FM93 Québec (@fm93quebec) march 19, 2018


    A meeting with the students of the Collège Saint-Charles-Garnier


    The journalist met last Monday sixty students of the Collège Saint-Charles-Garnier, stressing one of the “distinguished alumni” of the college, “René Lévesque, former prime minister and charismatic of Quebec and father of the separatist movement of the province.” Bilefsky said that the students encountered were “uninterested in the separatism, calling this ideological battle is over” during a discussion “hosted” on what it means to be Québécois in 2018. “They said they saw English as a ticket to the outside world, even if they stressed that to be Québécois made them different from the rest of Canada,” he wrote on Facebook.

    A discussion with the imam and the survivors of the Great Mosque


    The journalist was to meet survivors of the deadly attack that occurred in the Great Mosque of Quebec last year as well as his imam. However, it has not yet written about it, but it has indicated this in the FM93: “I went to the Mosque to see how people feel a year after the attack. Not a lot of people have mentioned the radiopoubelle, making them feel guilty for what happened.”

    Dan Bilefsky now takes the road to the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean. It plans to publish a series of articles in the back of his tour around the province.