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Techno 29 March, 2018

2018-03-29 22:05

Here’s how artificial intelligence see naked people!
Ugly and attractive at the same time.

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Don’t envy the parents of 18-year-old Robbie Barratt, because they can’t tell him: “Yes I read all of Carlson’s, and you’re a fucking joke!” The fact that Robbie is a genius. At the moment he is working in a research laboratory of Stanford University, but when he was a schoolboy Robbie struggled created neural network. For example, he created a neural network that has recorded his own rap song, inspired by the tracks of Kanye West, informs news Ukr.Media.

This time Robbie decided to see how neural networks the situation with visual perception. To do this, he created a generative and competitive network (essentially a combination of two neural networks), which showed thousands of paintings of naked human nature. He then asked the neural network to draw his own picture with a naked man.

The result would shock and Kandinsky! The neural network has created something like naked and intuitively human (the head, incidentally, depicts a neural network as a cluster of reddish-yellowish-purple spots), repulsive and seductive at the same time.

In General, I have mixed impressions: a look at the pictures created by the neural network of Barratt, and ugly, and want. We have chosen for you 13 of the most vile and attractive works from the collection of the neural network Robbie Barratt. Pleasant — brrrr viewing.