Hillary Clinton was injured due to a fall in the bathroom : In the World : Vladim

News 16 March, 2018

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was forced to seek assistance from Indian doctors. She slipped in bathtub and injured his hand.


The Indian surgeons did the injured limb of the former Secretary of state and was diagnosed with a cracked wrist. This incident occurred at the hotel the Indian city of Jodhpur. After the fall of the policies complained of a sharp pain in his hand and turned for medical aid. After they announced the diagnosis, assistants Clinton contacted her doctors in the United States and those assigned treatment. On the wrist of the former candidates for the top post in the United States was imposed tight bandage.

It is reported that Mrs. Clinton was in India as an ordinary tourist. Earlier it was reported about the intransigence of the leader of the democratic party of the United States against Russia. According to the former American first lady , “Russians are still encroaching on America.”